Cootamundra Remembers

Welcome to Cootamundra Remembers - Showcasing Cootamundra's history, bringing our community together :-)

This is a place for everyone who loves Cootamundra to chat, hangout and discuss everything from family history, personal memories to community events, news and everything else in between.

Please feel free to add all your historic pictures and other items of Cootamundra and its people at work, rest and play

If you are planning to upload more than a few photos please create a 'Photo Album' instead of posting them on the wall. To do this go to the 'Photos' tab and 'Upload Photos'. Once loaded please name your album by double-clicking on the date. You can then add or delete photos as you wish.

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Some subjects have,and will,come up from time to time involving Cootamundra's history and current events.Please consider and remember that while we are all for free discussion we are here to have fun, share fond memories and reminisce with old and new friends alike, not to get into useless arguments.

If a conversation is getting heated, the subject matter is what you believe to be offensive or if someone has posted spam advertisements, please let ALL of the groups Admin know,that's Steve Theobald, Gil Kelly and Fran Kinnear.

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Cootamundra Remembers - Est 21st June 2013.