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COMPONENTS OF A RECIPROCATING PUMP:- The main components of a reciprocating pump:
1.) Cylinder with suitable values at inlet (suction valve) and delivery (delivery valve).
2.) Plunger or piston with piston rings.
3.) Connecting rod and crank mechanism.
4.) Suction pipe.
5.) Delivery pipe. A reciprocating pump consists of a piston or a plunger inside a cylinder. Piston is connecting to the crankshaft through piston rod and connecting rod. The crankshaft is rotated by means of electric motor. Suction and delivery pipes are connected to the cylinder with non-return suction and delivery valves. Non-return valves are one way valves which allow the liquid to flow in one direction only. Here, suction valve allows liquid to flow from the suction pipe to the cylinder, while delivery valve allows liquid to flow from the cylinder to the delivery pipe.