Hae pals, am now representing D.light solar ltd. in Mbeere North and South. This is the first time the company has been able to meet entire Mbeere community directly. The company's mission here is to empower the community by providing them with cheap solar lanterns that replaces use of kerosene, which also can charge mobile phones for those without access to electricity. The company has partnered with Sisdo, Equity bank and Juhudi Kilimo inorder to meet more people in groups. Based in Siakago, I'm working with Sisdo since the other two are not yet to the area.
If you have a group(or a member of certain group) anywhere within Mbeere North and South you can invite me for presentation since I may not be able to meet every group in the wide area. So far I've been able to sell the products within Siakago town and its environs, though the demand is more than what I expected. Still I do deliver the products anywhere as demanded. Contact me for more details through 0720 107 469.