417 Area Code -- Gun & Outdoors

This group is for the 417 Area Code (SW MO) and nearby locations. For private party sales and trades of outdoors related merchandise.

When you post an item be sure to include a picture if applicable, sell price and/or trade value, and your location. This will help transactions move smoother with less back and forth.
Please wait until around 48 hours of inactivity before you bump your posts. This will give everyone a fair chance to get their products easily seen.
If an ad goes longer then a week with no activity(bumps, updates, or comments) it will be deleted.
If you block an Admin you will be permanently banned from the group automatically.

Authorized Posts

Firearms & related parts & accessories
Vehicles & related parts & accessories
Camping & outdoors equipment
Hunting Gear

Unauthorized Posts

Clothing unrelated to hunting or outdoors
Avon, Scentsy, & other business related merchandise