Endeavor Ragnarok Online

•Endeavor Ragnarok Online•

†Server Information†

•blvl: 255
•jlvl: 120
•Max Aspd.:195
•Instant Cast: Dex:150
•Balance Custom Items
•100% No Edited Characters
•No God Items
•AutoJob Changer
•Woe Warper
•Heal/Buff's NPC
•Quest NPC

•Normal Drop Rates:Common 100.00x/Equipment 100.00x/Card 100.00.x
•Boss Drop Rates: Common 100.00x/Equipment 100.00x/Card 10.00x
•Other Drop Rates:MvP 10.00x/Card-Based 10.00x/Treasure 10.00x
•Proof Of Donation Drop Rate: 50.00x/MvP

We Have Freebies NPC
-Black Valkyrie Set
-Poring Coin 100pc.

Just type @request to get the extra freebies from GM's

GM's are •Active,Supportive,Non-Corrupt and Friendly•

DL Link:http://www.mediafire.com/?n7e8bnycbqe4ggp -Endeavor-RO.exe

http://www.mediafire.com/?id6jg13pnuh0r5d-Endeavor-RO Patcher.