Pet Connection - Kennebec, Lincoln and surrounding Counties

This group is for animal lovers. You will be able to post pets you want, need to find a home for, for any pet accessories, Pet services and anything else pet related. I hope you enjoy this group and find it useful.

THIS IS NOT AN ANIMAL ADVOCACY GROUP. If it is legal, not abusive and relates to pets/animals it can be posted here. JUDGING and DRAMA will get you banned! This also includes posting OPINIONS where they are not asked for.

New Members please read: Some simple Guidelines and Important Links

1. No Drama or Judging. You will be removed from the group.
2.. Posting more than one puppy or cat for sale in a 12 month period your Vendor License must be on your post or it will be deleted. This is Maine Law.
3. Please keep posts updated. If you no longer have what you listed please post that in the comments or delete your post.
4. If your post has an inquiry and there is no response within 48 hours the post may be deleted.
5. Posting Spam/an ad not animal related the post will be deleted and user removed.
6. Once in the group there is a pinned post that contains group rules, if you click on see more which will expand the post there are links posted for your convenience of Maine Animal Laws.