Justus Wambayi For SUKPUC Chairman 2012-2013

On Tuesday, June 11, 2013, peaceful demonstrators occupied Parliament buildings in Nairobi to protest against Members of Parliament demands for higher pay. Kenya’s glorious milestone of self-governance – whose jubilee anniversary happened on 1st June has been dimmed by news of the unchecked greed from the 11th Parliament. It is hardly news, actually; greedy politicians have walked this land since 1963 or even earlier. But the current Parliament has pushed greed to a new keel with the MPs’ unrealistic and misplaced demands for more money. Even more telling is the MPs’ righteous fury– they feel and act as though they deserve better than all Kenyans put together. Indeed, this bunch forms part of only 1.6 per cent of the population who gobble about 50 per cent of the public revenues available. The best gift that Kenyans can give their country for its jubilee anniversary is to reject the excesses by MPs in the 11th Parliament, the house that has distinguished itself as a symbol of what’s gone wrong with our politics over the past 50 years.