ONLINE YARD SALE - Hampton Roads

Play nice, play fair, don't be rude. Keep the drama away. No tolerance, folks. If you don't like someone's offer, politely decline and move on. Or haggle. 'Cause it's fun!

This is a YARD SALE. Price your items accordingly. I will call you out on price gouging.

Coupons can be traded - not sold. Except for Gymboree GYMBUCKS, purchased Vouchers (think Plum District, Groupon, etc.) and gift cards (at a discounted price). No EBAY prices! (no price-gouging)

No animal selling of any kind.

No used car seats and/or after market car seat additions (think custom covers, bundle-me, strap cushions, etc.). These can be dangerous and are not recommended by the car seat manufacturers, CPSTs and NHTSA. This includes car seat bases.

No breast milk sales but donation is always welcome! (don't know what I'm talking about, ask me!)

No selling your (Pampered Chef, Tupperware, ThirtyOne, Scentsy, etc.) business. If you own Pampered Chef, etc. items and you want to sell them at a YARD SALE price, be my guest. There is a document under "Files" for listing your business and contact information that you are welcome to utilize.

You are allowed up to two (2) albums. All other albums will be removed. When you create your albums you MUST include your name, neighborhood/area and zip in the header (where there is a date) You can add the description the the "discription" box underneath. It is not the admins job to name your albums, if you can not name them they will be deleted. Please list a price, the city you are in and zip code in the photo description too.

Currently there are 2 other Admins: Laura Etzler and Rebecca Gwin - please contact these lovely ladies with questions as well. I am a single mom running a full time business, I apologize if I can't answer your questions promptly but I assure you I will do my very best. :)

**ANY DRAMA WILL BE DELETED WITHOUT WARNING. I won't stand for it, folks. It's just a yard sale forum. Let's keep it in perspective.

If you block a member of the administration team, you will be banned.

Let's keep this fun, folks. Invite your friends!