Kids Southern ME/Seacoast NH Yard Sale

NO LOCATION NO ADD-please have your location public or you will not be added to the group.
Focused only on kids items only.

Admins: Kristy Michaud, Sasha Wheeler, Angela Haynes, & Chelee McKenna

This group was created for parents to help sell their kids old clothing, toys and misc items. With the tight economy everyone is looking for a deal.

Please remember this is a yard sale page and everything is buy at your own risk. If you are purchasing electronics it is strongly suggested that you test the item if possible before you purchase or test as soon as you get home with it.

We don't ask much of everyone on this page but the few things we kindly ask that everyone follows is:

You must be 18 years of age to buy or sell on this page.

1.) Please only post kids items

2.) It is illegal to sell or giveaway drop-side cribs and due to safety regulations the sale of expired car seats is not allowed on this site.

3.)If you can please create a album. If not 5 single photos per person may be posted a day. All single photos will be deleted every Sunday regardless if activity.

4.) Please only bump 5 items per day if you do not follow you will be removed from the group if continued after a warning. Please only bump your items every 24 hours.

5.) Please do not post your item multiple times find it in the photos and bump it up.

6.) We do not allow the sale of sample formula on this page. If you would like to ask a small amount to cover gas that is fine.

7.) Only comment on a picture if you are interested in purchasing.

8.) Regardless if you know a item is cheaper in store. DO NOT post that on someone's photo for the item they are selling. As a buyer it is your responsibility to research information. Not try to take away from someone's sale.

9.) Please do not make a post asking for donations/free items. Use freecycle or the local free yard sale page for this.

10.) Due to some issues that have come up we are now putting a rule into effect of no flipping a sale. If you are found to be buying items just to turn around and resell at a higher price you will be removed from the page. It isn't fair for someone to miss out on a sale just so someone else can make a profit off it.

11.) List all items with a price if you post a OBO post it will be removed.

The only business postings we allow on the page are for daycare openings please do not advertise your business.

We do not allow people to advertise other yard sale sites on this page.

If your FB page appears new and has a location out of state you will not be added to the group.

Here is a list of common terms that you may see on this site:
ISO = In Search Of
EUC = Excellent Used Condition
GUC = Good Used Condition
PPU = Pending Pick Up
PUO = Pick Up Only
BUMP = Bring Up My Post

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