Shoreline Artists

Welcome All!

Anyone with decency to have ears let them hear. For what I am about to say. It changes you. For some it redefines sound and implement thoughts into emotion. For others it unfolds. leaving trickles of laughter for all to hear like a sweet honey dappling from the limbs of a tree. To those that defy boundaries, that choose to change despite failed attempts. Reckless and sketchy but observant when all else are obsolete. To those that find harmony in the chaos of misunderstanding and appreciation for iniquities. These are the people that sour our thoughts, stale our views, and tangle our decisions. These are the people that win battles. Discover the impossible, Shed light on failures, and reach for the stars. They inspire us. They ask for nothing in return. They are us.

Join us today as we embrace the unknown and explore our hidden talents.

Mission statement:

We encourage the development and critique of art everywhere thru a safe creative learning environment.

Dabble your feet into the waters of creativity and paint your Pallet the way you want it. Take a dive into our weekly drawing challenges or surf your way to amazing pieces. At Shoreline Artists we make it a goal to promote and nurture on one's skill. We ask that you read the rules and remember to be considerate of other artists. Shoreline Artists is what you make of it.