Leather Artisan's Digital Guild

This group is for leather artisans to show off and discuss leather and leather related projects, ask questions, and hopefully help others with this trade craft. It is also about building relationships with likeminded folks who share a passion.

If you are looking for a group with lots of drama, go elsewhere, as it will not be tolerated.

This group is ALSO about having FUN, making friends and generally enjoying each others' company. We are at times irreverent, perhaps a bit rough around the edges, but we are a very cohesive group and there isn't much we wouldn't do for each other.


Sales of personally owned leather work related items is permitted, however unrelated items will be removed. Acceptable items include tools, accessories/parts such as conchos/buckles etc., and supplies. There are other places to sell your crafted items.

Anyone found to be deliberately deceptive or intentionally scamming other members will be permanently and irrevocably banned from the group and you will likely be discussed for years to come regarding your actions.

Personal attacks will not be tolerated. Period. The fastest way to permaban is to upset the apple cart. Handle your affairs privately. (See NR)


Permaban: Generally for bad personal conduct, personal attacks or general asshattery. Don't do it.

MMM = Made it Myself Monday: Post up tools you have made because you have SKILLS and Time!

TUT = Totally Unrelated Tuesday/Thursday We can't decide on an official day so have fun!

TWW = Tool Whore Wednesday: This is a day where we celebrate the acquisition of tools for the betterment of the craft and the economy. It is meant in the purest sense of fun.

SSS = Squirrel Shop Saturday

You suck, that sucketh or any other derivative of said derogatory commentary: Generally means we admire your abilities and wish we could be like you in some fashion or another. Unless you're being made fun of. Then you just suck like normal.

I hate you: See, you sucketh.

Lastly, why are we the squirrel page? Because squirrels are cute, crafty, intelligent and nimble. All of which make for a good leatherworker. Also, there is a document in the files tab that describes the inception of the squirrel. There was quite a bit of synergy at that time and it has molded and shaped who we are.