West Texas Oilfield Jobs2

**FRIENDLY GROUND RULES**READ THESE - READ THEM ALL - THERE ARE ...NO EXCEPTIONS. Let's make it a list so it's pretty cut and dry:

NO "I need a job." posts - this goes for EVERYONE no matter what the circumstance. We ALL have bills, families and other various needs. There are over 12k members. If we allow those posts, the job postings will get buried. NOBODY is exempt. Not even OUR families are allowed to make those posts.

NO porn
NO posting "selfies" - if you want a hook up - there's plenty of other groups for that too. GO THERE. This is a group about jobs....like the ones you work...not the ones you give. Move along...no virtual lot lizards here. .
NO pyramid schemes
NO paid survey schemes
NO lottery ticket schemes
NO So and so is giving away this for free - click here now! posts
NO "I have several openings, pm me for information" - If you have a job to list - LIST THE JOB AND DETAILS
NO listing your business UNLESS you have cleared it with an admin. They will note it approved and the others will know it's ok.
NO selling your crap on here - there's PLENTY of other groups/pages for selling stuff. DO IT THERE.
NO GoFundMe campaigns WITHOUT contacting an admin for approval first. IF you are approved, THEN you can post it. An admin will note that it's approved so the others don't remove it.
AGAIN - NO "I'm looking for a job" posts - SCROLL THE PAGE - apply to the ones that interest you. And, FOLLOW the poster's instructions. Just about everyone here is looking for a job - you're not alone - but you've got to do the work yourself.
PLEASE - If you reply to a job post, allow the contact person time to respond before you comment something about not hearing from them. Message them privately if you've not gotten a response in a reasonable time, but allow them at least a day. They probably are working or have a lot of responses to sift through. Bashing someone WILL NOT be tolerated. If you berate a poster, YOU will be removed. Besides, do you think giving someone a load of crap on a job posting will get them to hire you? Ummm...nah. Do try to be professional. "Yo dawg hit me up on dat job I dun calld u n shit" is not going to get a good response for you. Neither is "I n33d a j0b".

ANY of the above posts will be deleted. If you repeatedly post any of the above - YOU will be removed from the group..

Thanks for being a part of West Texas Oilfield Jobs!