The ELITE that control our U.S. Government and both of it's political parties, including THOSE CONTROLLING THE OUTCOME of our Electoral Voting System, don't give a dead rat's ass what we say or do. They control the Vertical & Horizontal and always have. Also, they see WAR as a business / racket and a means for ELITE's to remain in control while becoming filthy rich off the dead bodies of our Military Children. Those lying rat bastards will lie or say ANYTHING to start a WAR or CONFLICT. Those COWARDS that run / RUINED this country don't care. IT'S ALL ABOUT POWER, STAYING ON TOP, MONEY & GREED and has been since we took this land from the INDIANS & MEXICANS. FUCK ALL THE BANKS & CORRUPT GOVERNMENT OFFICIALS. For it is people like the George Bush's, Clintons, McCains, Holders, Carneys, Madoffs, and every MORTGAGE BANKER and REAL ESTATE GIANTS, who are nothing but CAREER CRIMINALS. The UNITED STATES GOVERNMENT is a freaking RACKET and they are OUT TO GET YOU & I if we let them ..... FUCK BUYING BONDS start collecting GUNS of every make, model and caliber for it will be a better investment than the shitty saving account interest the banks pay.