English Learning ...Club is an English learning group whose members are from around the world .
Our motto is : Unity in Diversity . Living in Peace and Harmony .


Members are prohibited to post and / or comment which contains :

1. Topics on any Religions and Politics .
2. Pornography and advertisement .
3. Race Discrimination .
4. Photos of the victims of violence , accidents , war etc. showing death and blood .
5. Abusive , profan and obscene words such as : Fuck , Fucking , Bitch , Asshole , Motherfucker , Shit , etc .
6. Bullying and / or laughing at someone's mistake .
7. Inviting any members or admins of ELC to join in any groups in any languages or / and any media .

Ignoring those rules will make you lose your membership or be banned from the group permanently .


In order to make the process of learning run well , members are required :

1. Not use instant messaging, chatting or sms words such as : U for You , thx for thanks , coz for because , r u for are you , 4 for four , n for and , etc .
2. Post or comment only in English .
3. Post has minimum three words .
4. Give the answer key along with the explanation in 24 hours ( the Quiz Poster ) . If you do not give the answer key along with the explanation , you will be removed from the group without a prior notice .
5. Not share BBM PIN , Phone or Whatsapp number , E-mail and / or any account / PIN / user name any media .
6. Report to the admins immediately when you find some inappropriate posts or comments .
7. Be active either to post or comment each post .
8. Help , Respect and Love one another as the big family of ELC .

Don't be shy and / or afraid of making mistakes and don't be shy and / or upset when someone correct your mistakes . They correct your mistakes means they care of you and you won't live with your mistakes forever .

Keep Posting and Commenting .

Enjoy learning English and Have Fun .

Best Regards

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