Law of Attraction Support Group

This Group is based on the movie "The Secret" and the book that inspired the movie, called "The Science Of Getting Rich". (see Note 1)

Please acknowledge your personal responsibility to this group.
I Pledge:
- I have watched the movie "The Secret"
- I have read the book "The Science Of Getting Rich"
- I am knowledgeable in the Law Of Attraction (LOA) and apply LOA daily
- I will apply LOA when I contribute to this group
- I will positively encourage others to apply LOA

The Group Pledge:
- To be the best that we can be, raise the energy and the spirit of this world, and teach our children to do better
- To provide a happy and comfortable place to share LOA specific experiences
- To provide positive LOA encouragement
- To provide helpful dialog concerning LOA opportunities and outcomes
- To provide public domain resources only, copyrightable resources will be removed promptly

Cat Sansone's Pledge:
- Through positive reinforcement of applying LOA by everyone, together, we enrich the lives of billions of people, that results in a world wide healing! (see Note 2)

Please read the details of this group. (see Note 3)

Thank you for joining our family! We are so Happy that you are with us! Have a blessed day and Happy Manifesting!

Note 1 - Links to resources and reference materials can be found via the Files link below the group cover photo. Here is a quick link

Note 2 - Greetings from Cat Sansone, quick link

Note 3 - quick link