NEO/Parma Buy, Sell, Trade


Come here to buy, sell, and trade your personal and household items (NO CLOTHES, SHOES, or LADIES PURSES PLEASE!!!) Anyone from the Northeastern Ohio area is welcome, although I mostly intend for this group to be for cities in and around Cuyahoga County.

Page Vision: The vision for this group since it was created has been that it would be like browsing items for sale like at a garage sale, except for clothes, shoes, and purses. Ladies purses pose a legal issue and are not allowed to be sold or sought after on the page. Apparel items tend to be posted in bulk and listed excessively, making it hard to find usable *items* to buy (not items you would wear) and making it so posts for sale get buried. For the same reason as above, there are separate "files" available for linking to other pages, advertising garage sales, personal business dealings, etc. Please refrain from posting these on the main wall unless otherwise stated in the rules. I repeat: the main purpose of the main wall is to be for the buying, selling, and trading of usable items, and not apparel or purses of any kind!!!

If a listing of yours disappears, it is probably because you have broken a rule. We typically do not have the time to hand out warnings and will delete certain posts on sight.

To quickly review the rules, check out the pinned post. To view the extended "rules", find it under the files tab.

If you have any questions, please contact either Ashley or Brandi.