Hatching Eggs for Incubating for sale or trade USA

This is a Hatching Egg NETWORKING group page. Bringing eggs & hatchers together, from the farmer, to the hobbyist, to fancier, to the show...
For selling, buying, or trading hatching eggs ONLY. Post your hatching eggs for sale for a set price, or trade only. NO AUCTIONS ALLOWED, please. You can post wanted certain breed hatching eggs ads or find Hatching eggs to buy for incubation. Ads for incubators are allowed if located in U.S.A. We are locally based in West Central Mississippi but are open to all in the U.S.A. Sellers please list your location & if shipping &/or local pick up is available. Scammers & Spammers will not be tolerated here. They will be deleted & poster will be banned.
Buyers beware that BUYING EGGS IS A RISK, whether the seller & shipper is careful or not. There are many factors & variables involved in shipping & incubating. Any & all problems between buyers & sellers should be handled between the buyers & sellers PRIVATELY. There are 2 other groups where reviews of egg sellers are posted. It is the buyers responsibility to do their own research before purchasing.
When purchasing eggs to be shipped I do recommend getting 1-3 day shipping and shipping insurance. In most cases you can call your post office & have them call you to pick up your package. Also, open the box & check the eggs while still in the post office if at all possible. If they are damaged then you are able to proove it (for insurance claim or refund) that they were already damaged when you received them.
Sellers Beware that Scammers reported to me will be removed & banned from this group. Scammers here are defined as those who make a sale through an ad on this group page, collects payment, and then does not send/deliver/produce orders that have been paid for within a reasonable amount of time & does not give a satisfactory resolution, or deliberately does not deliver WHAT was paid for, or knowingly sells sick or deformed chicks.
* To report a scammer please private message owner Sheri Robertson*

We have a sister group where folks talk about incubation & the actual hatching of the eggs. There's lots of good folks & incubating info there.
Happy Hatchers of Central Mississippi

Disclaimer: Owner/admin recieves zero profit from sales/purchases made through ads/posts on this group page. Owner/admin is not responsible nor liable for any sales/purchases made through ads/posts on this group page.