3D Modeling and Animation Group

Recent UPDATE: Amendment to Rule 2.

This is a group of Modelers, Animators and Artists that share Ideas, Work, Visions & Concepts.
This group was designed as a collaboration tool to make the world more beautiful.
Rules Update:
1. Don't Share your page or any other page on this Group.

2. NO Advertisement of any kind.
Amendment: It is allowed to advertise or promote any 3D related companies, businesses, organizations. etc. Limited to 1 post per week. Spamming will still get you Banned! I believe anything that can be a resource to our community should be shared.

3. NO Nudity or Graphic Content of any Kind. (If it is related to 3D Modeling or Animation arts post link to work with Graphic Warning)

4. Use of Bad Language is strictly prohibited.

5. Don't Upload other's Work or if uploaded maintain detail of it. Help us make this group pure.

6. Constructive Criticism is Welcome, But Rude, Mean, Hurtful, Slanderous, Etc. Comments will get a member banned.

Breaking one of these rules may cause a permanent ban on a member.
If removed unfairly, member can contact any Admin.
We are here for Knowledge, if any member finds any Scam, Fake Share, Nudity or any unacceptable thing on Group, Just Report it to Admin.

Thank You for being Awesome!

-Justin Hanes
-Jonathon Riley
-Bryant Jaquez
-Roy Kimani
-Sigrid Mohn
-Parker Davidson