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Vice Governor’s Office
Date: January 22, 2015 Almario grants scholarship to TESDA students Dahican, City of Mati-To have a bright future is the center of Vice Governor Mayo Almario’s “MAYOng Edukasyon para sa MAYOng Kaugmaon” program on education.
A Training Induction Program and Awarding of Scholarship Voucher to students of TESDA accredited institutions were conducted on January 16. 2015 at SP Activity Center, Dahican, City of Mati. Students of various institutions which offer technical courses accredited by the Technical Education Skills and Development Authority (TESDA) attended the occasion to receive their most awaited Scholarship Voucher in order to avail of free schooling on short-term courses that have National Competency – 2 (NC II) such as Horticulture, Animal Production, Computer Hardware, Food and Beverage, Bartending, Housekeeping and other TESDA courses. Mr. Bayani Gofredo, TESDA Officer-In-charge and Mrs. Lea D. Braga, Senior Technical Education, Skills and Development Specialist, discussed on the TESDA implementation realized through the initiative of Vice Governor Almario. Gofredo also recalled that for the past years, number of TESDA scholars was limited due to meager funds. But because of Vice Governor Almario’s great concern and enthusiasm in soliciting funds from TESDA Director General Joel Villanueva, accredited TESDA institutions were funded to continue the program of free schooling. Gofredo added that benefits of such program are not for the youths alone but also to all people who likes to learn and acquire skills for self- sufficiency. Vice Governor Almario congratulated the students who were recipients of the scholarship vouchers which are proofs of their free schooling in their chosen vocational courses. In his speech, Almario added that having such scholarship grant is a stepping stone to a bright future. One should not limit himself in learning the skills instead, take them seriously because these will serve as their vehicle to a bright tomorrow. Almario also added that a skilled person has an edge for survival in finding work. To this, one should be grateful for the blessings received so that this will prosper and last. Almario urges the students to take the opportunity and aspire for “MAYOng Edukasyon alang sa MAYOng Kaugmaon” program. Students expressed their gratefulness to Vice Governor Almario for the scholarship voucher received because it is their key to progress.