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Discuss the Abrahamic religions that have shaped the history of the world.
NO BLOCKING ADMIN. This is an English only group, so please don't post or comment in other languages without accompanying it with a valid translation.

NO posting of personal photos of other members/their families.
NO mention of family members of any participants.
People breaking the above rules can be removed without warning.

Unnecessary profanities and posts/comments in languages other than English will be deleted.
If you needlessly antagonize an admin too much, don't expect to stay either. (For example, calling them names for enforcing these clearly rules)

This group is to mainly discuss the religions of Christianity and Islam. That does not mean it is a group for only Muslims and Christians, as anyone can have an interest in discussing those religions. Don’t tell non Christian / non Muslim members (or admin) to get lost. This isn't your group. You don't make the rules. If you want to make the rules, make your own group.

That being said, the discussions should pertain to these topics: Islam and Christianity and/or their scriptures, history and prominent figures. Because of its relationship to the two religions - Christianity being started by Messianic Jews and Islam because it claims it came from the same tree - discussions about Judaism are allowed as long as they are related to religion and theology.

This group is NOT to discuss, promote or attack Hinduism, or to discuss or stir up political tensions between India and Pakistan.

Others are welcome here if they can find a way to contribute within these boundaries (make their comments relevant to the topic of this group), as are Atheists, and anyone else.

If you think 'debating' means that you get to say what you like and attack other religions and cultures but no one is supposed to have an opinion that you don't like about your own religion/culture/beliefs/viewpoint, please go somewhere else instead of joining and reporting people, the group and posts to Facebook.

In short this group has minimal rules so that all viewpoints can be expressed, not because any of the admin are trying to pick on one particular religion and/or its followers. Trying to disallow/ban everything that could possibly offend someone is impossible and it ends up being biased, as admin will only see what is offensive in their world view.

If you can't take the fact that you might be offended by views expressed here, go elsewhere. You are welcome to be angry, disagree, etc, but reporting other members and admin because you don't like their opinions is not acceptable.
Go somewhere else if you don't like it or can't stand to be here.
AGAIN: ALL COMMENTS AND POSTS MUST BE IN ENGLISH OR WITH AN ACCOMPANYING ENGLISH TRANSLATION. Do NOT get angry if your post / comment is deleted if you insist on posting in another language when you have been warned here.