12WBT Alice Springs Crew

Welcome to the Red Centre 12wbt Alice Springs Crew!

This is an unofficial 12wbt group for people who are doing (or have done) Michelle Bridges 12wbt and are located in the red centre, Alice Springs!

Your admins here are:
Nicole Schemionek
Kirstin Parsons
Tracey Miller
Kelly Smith
Judith Dixon

If you are keen to become an admin, please talk to one of us about it or if you aren't happy with your admin's please talk to us as well. We are all here to make this group as supportive and helpful as we can, so if there is anything we can do to help this, please let us know.

This is a friendly and supportive space for 12WBTers to connect and support each other.

We will not tolerate bullying, aggressive behaviour, any form of harassment, hateful or discriminatory comments or spamming and commercial solicitations.

Sharing of 12WBT recipes is strictly prohibited, even if it is with fellow 12WBTers, so please don't.

12WBT is a team event and the people in the crew are your teammates – we are here to support each other to achieve our health and fitness goals and nothing more.

Nothing from this Facebook Group will show up in your friends’ feeds. This is a closed group and what happens here is for you and your Crew teammates only. Sometimes it is good to have a place away from family and friends to share your journey, bounce ideas or just vent!

To be part of this group it is important you follow our ‘House Rules’. We will be forced to remove you from the group if you break the rules or behave in a way that endangers the sense of privacy, safety, security and fairness for your fellow teammates. We, as Crew admins, will also remove any posts which break the House Rules when we become aware of them. Please check out the House Rules and add your name to the bottom of the document to let us know you have read the rules and agree to stick to them :)

Feel free to suggest group activities, workouts, meet ups, SSS's and anything else to support each other whilst we are on this journey.

And finally...have fun!