Grant Co.Indiana Buy/Sell Trade!


#1-Be respectful to others, Treat them how you would want to be treated.

#2 If you can't meet at a time you set or If something came up please let the person know before a few hours before they drive to meet you so they don't waste gas is not cheap make sure you always get a number you can reach them at not everyone sits on the computer 24/7

#3 If I get a complain from more then 4 people about you not meeting you will be banned!

#4 If you tell someone an item is theirs and you have a set time and date to meet then go around and sell it to someone else I will ban you its not fair to the buyer.

#5 If you are selling a cell phone make sure it is not locked or stolen! Always ask for the esn before you buy! Heres is a link to a site you can check Esn and it will tell you if it is ready to activate,If anyone sell a bad esn phone let me or my other admin know immediately, Will will take care of it and banned the person

#6. No selling wic items... It's illegal!!!

#7 If you are on a phone and cannot delete what you have sold let me know and I will delete it for you.

#8 Always meet at a public place just to be safe!

#9 I will not allow someone to offer a higher price to someone that is selling an item just so they can get it, it is not fair!

#10 Please if you have a complain about something or want to report someone please save all the messages and text and show me I just cant believe what everyone says without seeing it for myself

#11 If you see someone posting something for a high price do NOT comment on it saying they are asking to much! You do not know how much that person paid for it that person may be in need of money! If you do not like the price then do not buy it! Its just rude to comment on someone elses post so if you are not interested in the item DO NOT comment on it! or I will remove you!

#12 Please only bump your items every 24 hours. Please put all your items in a album if you are selling more then 5. I understand some people on sell phones cant do so.

#13 You must be 18 to be a member.

Thank You and lets make this site fun and drama free!