4070 Community Grape Vine


This group is for those working, living or travelling in and around Brisbane post code 4070 wanting to catch up on local news, events and chit chat. This group allows for all general discussion or topics of local interest but members are asked to be mindful that as a community page there are people from all walks of life, of various ages (13+) and opinions vary (not all ‘think’ the same way).

In order to be added to the group (new members and temp suspended members) you will need to read and agree to the terms of membership located at https://www.facebook.com/groups/4070Community/758091504307590/

Please note this file has been run 3x through virus scanners and is clean, if you get a warning message it is just your virus protection doing its job. Agreement is via the email provided in the document. Once you have agreed you can request to join, all other requests will be declined.

Lastly please remember you are responsible for your comments on Facebook however no one else needs to tolerate it being posted. These articles are worth a read:

http://www.findlaw.com.au/articles/4237/social-media-and-defamation.aspx and from a group management perspective (no exemption just because not a business) https://newmatilda.com/2012/07/25/defamation-thousand-likes and http://www.findlaw.com.au/articles/4971/social-media-enthusiasts-beware.aspx

If you wish to access this group as a resource please refrain from sending or exchanging crude messages relating back to posts here. Any bullying that occurs here or via pm between members that is seen or reported will also not be tolerated. Thank you for your interest!

Post Code 4070 Grapevine Group Admin