English Discussion

Hello everyone ,

Welcome to our lovely group English Discussion .
The aim of this group is to bridge the communication between the members and the admins. Else, we hope every member can learn English comfortably and mingle with other learners. We are not only learners here but also a big family. Everybody will be treated as our brother and sister. To provide a pleasant atmosphere in our lovely group, we create some rules. You are forbidden to post any sensitive issues, SARA, porn, and any provocative materials. Posting another link or advertisement is also prohibited. It is accepted to share some topics or to tell what you know including general information, news, pics, etc.
Respecting and helping each other are very important. You may invite all your friends to join us and become our family. Finally, We are proud to have you as our family and hopefully, we can improve our English and strengthen our brotherhood.
Thank you for your attention.

Best Regards,

ED Admins