Vilas/Oneida County paying it forward

This was the helping at Christmas page. I want to keep it running so I changed the name. If you need assistance with something or help finding something feel free to post here and help others as well! I know there are a lot of amazing people around here that have helped others out a lot. Any help you need even with yard work, ask :) have something to sell for a reasonable price? Post it :) looking for something? Post it :) If you have any questions or concerns, ask the admins Kayla Remme and Margaret Humann

-Don't take advantage of people
-Appreciate what's given to you
-Don't be rude
-Communicate with your receiver or giver because I am not able to do anything but warn and ban people
-Pay it forward
-absolutely no independent representative posts. For a benefit or not. None
-If you have suggestions let us know