Welcome to the new Darwin secondhand clothing site!

Please take a moment to read the rules:

#1. There should be NO time-wasters on this site and with your help, admin are able to remove the amount of repeat offenders who waste your time. If you are not genuinely interested in an item, please DO NOT comment. If you make a time to meet someone, keep to it. If you fail to show up, we will give you another chance. If you fail to show up a second time, we will immediately remove you. It's common courtesy to show up when you say you will.

Admin are very serious about this, so if someone does not turn up when they have said they will and have not made the effort to give advanced notice, please inform admin immediately so that we can take action.

Please be advised that we all want the same thing here: To shop respectfully and to have items purchased with appropriate communication and courtesy.

#2. If someone writes "sold" on an item, that item is automatically sold to that person. If that person is a no show, you can then sell your item to next in line.

#3. Private messaging is allowed. Once sold, the owner of the item MUST either write "sold" on the post or delete their post.

#4. Haggling/Negotiating with someone is OK. Please make sure you do this BEFORE commenting sold to save the hassle of the owner having to repost their item again if they do not agree with the offered price.

#5. If you have advertised an item for a set amount (e.g. $10), you cannot just "up" the price because someone has offered more. You are to sell your item for the price advertised. If someone has genuinely offered more, then just notify the interested buyer that the item is no longer available. Raising the price and asking the buyer to pay more is unacceptable and we will issue you a warning. If you continue to do this, you will be removed without question. If you wish to auction your item then please advertise as "highest or best offer".

#6. Bumping posts is allowed. However, if you are constantly bumping the same items every single day, your posts will be removed as it's not fair for others who are trying to sell their items.

#7. Please make sure your posts are clothing/shoes/accessories related. If you post something that is not in these categories, you will be given one chance and your post will remain advertised. If however, you continuously post non-related items, you will be removed from the group.


For any questions/issues, please contact the appointed admins.