Georgetown Residential "NEWS"

Welcome to Georgetown Residential "NEWS". ( Illinois )

This group is intended for Georgetown residents, and surrounding areas (Ridge Farm, Westville, etc.) to come and read news or post news about their town. We want to keep this group and our towns safe for our families and children.

Things you are allowed to post:

Updates on things that might be in the news that other members might not have seen or know about.
Community events; such as fund raisers, community outreach, school closings, activities with the schools (as reminders) rummage or garage sales.
If not sure if you can post please ask one of the administrators.
Adam Hart

*Note on rummage or garage sales please refrain from posting pictures. You may leave an address that is your choice and a description of what you will be selling. Please no pictures.

We also ask you to leave your grievances and negative opinion to yourself. We will not tolerate anyone saying things about other members or people of the community. We want to keep this group clean and safe for everyone to participate in.
Everyone can invite other residents to the group. Please only invite people you know and trust to keep our families safe.
Be patient as we get this group up and running. We hope everyone enjoys their experience here on Georgetown Residential “NEWS”