U.T.C.C Justice Room (Malaysia)

U.T.C.C Justice Room (Malaysia) (正义组);

Justice Room is a group where members of United Trading Cards Club Malaysia as well as non-members make reports or sharing information as to the wrongdoer that exist in the trading cards arena. Most of the reported wrongdoers are scammers, dishonored persons or fun buyers. This group is also used to provide positive feedback of the credible traders of the community.

正义组 - 俱乐部的会员及非会员可以举报及分享针对卡片游戏圈子里不诚实或不守法的人物的情报。被举报的人大部分是跟不守承诺或诈欺有关联的。这个组也同时提供卡片游戏圈子里值得信赖的人物名单及反馈等。