Eaton county and more online garage sale

This site is for the Eaton County area to buy and sell items


1. No day to day clothing... shoes boots aren't allowed either.. Coats are fine to post but no other clothing items. Here is the clothing site to sell your clothes.

2. please add information to your posting to the best of your ability, and include your location.

3. no bashing each other.and opinionated comments please keep them to yourself.

4. Feel free to post your upcoming garage sales also.

5. It is up to you and the buyer to find a location to pick up the item

6. No promoting your business. Start a page and pay Facebook to promote it.

7. When you are selling an item, you are to sell to the first person to express interest by saying "want" or "interested" etc on it....if they end up passing, then move along to the next person who expressed interest.

8. Dont duplicate your posts theybwill be deleted.
If you we delete your items more then twice then you will be banned

enjoy and have fun buying and selling