Group page for the International Society of Education through Art

InSEA (The International Society for Education through Art), is an organization that advocates for art education as a means of fostering values and disciplines essential for full intellectual, emotional and social development of human beings in all nations throughout the world.
InSEA had its genesis in the philosophies of Sir. Herbert Read and other internationally respected philosophers, scholars, and art educators, who, in reflecting upon the horrors of WWII, recognized the importance of nurturing youth to become empathetic human beings. While advances in fields of science and technology may hold practical benefits, they also may unbridle self-centered desires to overpower and subjugate. The founders of InSEA understood that through the arts people might come to experience appreciation of cultural differences, be guided to think critically and analytically about problematic situations and – in perceiving these issues through the viewpoints of others - identify harmonious solutions to complex intellectual, social, cultural, environmental and geo-political problems.
InSEA Research Group outline and support areas of research that provide indications of how art serves individual & social needs, as well as addresse environmental/corporate/national/ and global interests. InSEA promotes and makes visible research studies fostering high quality education models made in the world through international congresses , conferences , symposiums the webpage: e-publications; the International journal of Education Through Art and through InSEA Awards to proeminent art educators, arts education key authors and young researchers.
InSEA makes visible good educational practices in the different continents through the webpage international exhibitions and the new e-magazine IMAG .
InSEA encourage classroom connections across nations for teachers and students (in synchronous and asynchronous time) in order to breakdown barriers of stereotypical understandings, by interacting with and collaborating with one another on mutually relevant issues, promoting competitions and exhibitions, and support child art exchanges (in
digital and/or traditional forms), within and across nations.
History reminds us that when nations pursue blind innovative, without the balancing effects of all that the arts and humanities provide, they jeopardize the happiness of their citizens and a peaceful co-existence with other nations of the world. The arts remind us of our humanity by keeping us hopeful, easing our sense of loneliness, and focusing our attentions on things that really matter, such as ethical interactions with one another and the natural world. By advocating for the arts in education InSEA looks for an advancing society towards peace and sustainability .