Foodies Food Invasions Event Update Page

This is the event update page for the Foodies Food Invasions hosted by the Karachi Foodies Food Critics Club. In our Food Invasions we publicly invite people to join us to enjoy good food and good conversations.

The goals of our Karachi Foodies Food Critics Club are:

• To hold the Foodies Food Invasions where we invite different people to come enjoy good food with us.
• To help promote and preserve the food culture in Karachi.
• To help restaurants and eateries better themselves, as they are a part of the city’s food culture
• To produce UNBIASED food reviews and guides to help the general public in making their food choices.

Yasir Billoo (Admin)
Zahid Ali Shahid (Admin)
Nabeel Kazi (Admin)
Ayesha Khan (Admin)
Rabeet Rao (Management)

Yasir Billoo
Rabeet Rao
Rahila Najaf Nizam

If you are interested in joining the Karachi Foodies Food Critics Club is a closed group. If you like what we stand for and would want to be a part of us please show up one of our invasions and talk to any of the admins. We would love to have new members