Durham University Business School P/T MA Management/Marketing

Hi all,

Welcome to the unofficial Part Time MA Management/Marketing programme Facebook page! I'm hoping you will all use this as an effective means to share ideas about tasks, general discussions, assignment help and any other related information about this fascinating area of study.

The idea of this page is to allow us to share real-time information, get active discussions going and to learn from each other using a social media outlet I'm sure many of you will have been using for many years (if not, I hope you now are!).

As distance learning students, every minute is precious, so I'm hoping that the ease of use of this website will help you in engaging quickly; whether it's on your phone, during a lunch break or on the commute home to allow the fruition of ideas and chain of thought to grow quickly.

I hope you find this page helpful.

Mark - P/T MA Management