Network Marketing Revolution

What you WILL NOT find here:

=> No pitches for network marketing companies, affiliate programs, etc. None. Period. Not only will we remove your post, we will permanently ban anyone who advertises in this group. Strict "one and done" policy enforced.

=> No bashing of other companies, leaders, etc.

"You don't win by dragging down your competition, you win by raising up your team." – Art Jonak | #WeAreOne

As network marketers, let's support each other... regardless of which network marketing company we have chosen as our home. This will make our profession absolutely irresistible... and then we all win!

What you WILL find here:

Network Marketers who believe in this great profession. I encourage you to post on the wall, start and contribute to the discussions, post your photos, share your insights, etc.

Our request is simple: Please keep it all generic. Everybody here is "already with a great company they call home." Let's champion Network Marketing as a Profession fully realizing that "A rising tide lifts all ships."

As Network Marketing and Direct Sales Professionals, together we can do more to reverse the worldwide recession and give people their dreams back, than all of the government bailout packages combined.

We can rebuild and re-energize the free enterprise system from the ground up – one individual at a time.

But to do this – we're going to have to start a revolution. We have to create a revolution in the way our business is done. We have to stop the scam artists, educate our teams better, and challenge ourselves to higher levels of leadership.

We need to do better. And we can. But to do that, we need your voice and participation.

So, join this group. Encourage your friends to join this group. Engage in discussion.

Be a part of the Revolution! Join us today!