Erasmus Istanbul Flats and Flatshares

We know the importance of staying at a peaceful and comfortable flat.

The aim is only to help Erasmus students and make their stay in Istanbul comfortable as we witnessed the difficulties that they faced during the flats/flatshares searchings.

To understand the soul beneath this idea, please listen to the song "We are the world We are the children" (written by Michael Jackson and Lionel Richie in 1985) and pay attention to its words

The websites below will be helpful for you to find flats/flatshares.

3 Important Steps For Renting Flats or Rooms

1.Choose your locations
The best thing is to have alternative locations. Please be sure that there are a lot of flats and rooms for rent in Istanbul.

2.Do your research
Once you have a clear idea of what you want to rent and where, spend some time on detailed research. Have some alternatives in your hand and get the best one.

3.Visit in person
Never rent a flat or room without making a personal visit. If you rent a flat or room without visiting, there is a possibility that you may be dissapointed.While you are in Istanbul, stay in a hostel or at your friend’s flat, spend some time in the neighbourhoods, get to know people, ask questions and find out if the flat or room is suitable for you. See how the environment changes throughout the day.