Weight Loss and Fitness Motivation

Let's motivate each other to get into shape. Share tips, motivational pictures, diet plans, work out plans and milestones.

no one is here to judge, we're all very supportive of each other! together we can reach our goals!!

Be sure to check the documents every day to see the newest Daily Challenge!

A little bit about this group: it was created to have people support and motivate each other to get fitter and healthier. Everyone is welcome to share their story, add pictures, memos, share weightloss tips and ideas, create and participate in challenges, ask questions, and suggest improvements to this group.

It is NOT ok to advertise your business, website, page, blog and spam this group with commercial adds, or sell anything.

If you know of a great product you want to share with us, you can tell us about it and tell us how it made life easier for you :)

All adds and sales will be deleted instantly and members who will continue to spam our little motivational group will be removed.

This is because we are trying to build a community here of people who struggle with weight issues and need help to get motivated, need support (and we all do!) from real people and real life examples. I think by doing so, and constantly sharing and supporting each other, we will accomplish what might be the hardest goal of our lives: losing weight, and becoming healthy, fit and confident with our bodies.

So welcome to the group and don't be shy to participate! :)