Please be advised that admins are NOT responsible for the end results of any kind, we are also not here to punish or get onto, babysit anyone placing pets. DO NOT assume we are..
If someone takes in a pet and it does NOT work and they need to rehome tht pet it is NOT considered "flipping" sometimes it doesn't work out and the new owners are being responsible and finding a new home.
Also ALL pets are capable of biting so plse take tht in to consideration when taking in new pets especially older dogs, they have spent their whole lives with a family and are acustom to tht particular family and it may or may not have been the best pet ever but all it takes is an adjustment to set an animal off.. IF god forbid it does bite the previous owners are NOT responsible, it is the responsibility of the new owners to do initial meet and greets especially if they have kids to see how the animal will react to THEM.
Animals ARE living creatures and dnt always like everyone they come across.
Also if you as the new owners DON'T do a check on the new animal such as calling the vet and making sure the animal has had no serious health issues and it becomes sick it is NOT on the previous owners it is on you or has a contagious disease such as parvo u are taking tht chance of spreading it to your other dogs or worse other ppls animals.
pets are priorities not options plse remember tht when deciding to get a pet..
Plse also be advised tht if you dont get as much Information of the new pet as u can u take a 50/50 chance of getting a sick, aggressive, stray or even a stolen pet. And IF it is stolen and u can prove it make a police report I cant do anything about it
Last but not least, if I catch anyone placing an older pet bc they dnt get along with a new pet I will ban you, it is not fair to place a pet u have had for years for a new one its like getting rid of the first kid bc the second comes along.