SalonAdvice Group

For Hair and Beauty Salon/ Spa/ Medi-Spa Owners around Australia to converse and support each other with industry specific questions. All advice is given with no legal responsibilities and information supplied by the group is given for purposes of guidance only. We hope it will be a great backboard for discussion regarding the industry and where owners can share their experience and knowledge. This group is only for Owners of Salons not for staff or people out of the industry.
1. Your Facebook profile must contain info that lets us know you are a salon, spa or medispa professional in order for your request to join the group to be approved.
2. No third party promotional posts. We are here to share knowledge and network. We have a strict "one strike and you're out" policy on spammers. This includes employment opportunities, professional services, product lines, etc.

As a salon/spa owner, it’s not always easy to find the right answers. That’s why we created this group. We encourage you to:
- Share best business practices
- Give and/or gain insight on current challenges and trends
- Interact with other business-minded salon/spa professionals
- Make new friends within the industry and have fun!

We are here to exchange ideas and to help all salons and spas grow and prosper. We encourage you to get involved. Make an entry on our discussion board. Ask a question. Share your knowledge. Invite other professionals to get on board. The more interactivity we can generate, the richer the experience will become for all involved.