ALL MEMEBERS: Please read the RULES posted in the DOCS. that have been posted as of 7.20.2014, All rules must be followed or you will be deleted NO questions asked! When posting ANYTHING to sell post the price you are asking for the item all items with no price will be deleted! Please DO NOT post any spam if you do you will be removed and blocked from this site. If and when you have sold the item/items you posted please remove/delete them if you do not you will be removed and blocked. Please be RESPECTFUL of each other. Please don't post any advertising for a business you may run, this is a sell,buy, and trade site NOT a BUSINESS site. PLEASE DELETE WHEN YOUR ITEM IS SOLD THANKS SO MUCH! ALL NEW MEMEBERS read the RULES! ALL Post Must Now Be ADMIN. Approved, if your POST has not been approved then it means you have not followed one of the rules, once you have fixed the issue your item will be approved to post.