Nancy's Nook Endometriosis discussion and education


IMPORTANT: when you apply to join the group, we will look at your profile; we reserve the right to deny membership unless we are certain you are a real person and not a spam account. Our members include women with endometriosis and physicians and other medical professionals. Membership is also available to husbands, partners, and parents. You may not tag doctors, our admins will tag a professional group member occasionally with general questions or for input but any member who tags a doctor will be removed. Thank you!

**These are general guidelines to keep our group running smoothly. We retain the right to remove anyone found to be in violation of these guidelines or causing a disruption without notification. Thank you.**

• Be respectful: We will not tolerate any bickering, fighting, or disrespect between members!

• Respect privacy: Our group is a ‘closed’ group for a reason. Posts must remain private, and not be reposted anywhere outside the group. We ask members to not post graphic operative photos,or images which depict disturbing or overly personal materials. Such photos will be removed without notice.

• No ‘trolling’ or ‘spamming’. If you are a salesperson you may not post links to your personal sales page or ask people to private message you for product information.

• Do not edit or remove files: If you would like a file or document to be changed in any way, please contact an administrator. If you believe a post contains inaccurate info PLEASE click on the drop down menu "REPORT TO ADMIN" which will bring it to the attention of our Admin team.

• Absolutely NO advertising, posts of personal fundraisers or benefits.

• The purpose of Nancy's Nook is to educate women on endometriosis with evidenced based information and refer them to resources, including expert excision doctors and surgeons that have positive long term outcomes.

• Not to replace medical care: The information found and/or received within this group is not to be mistaken for medical advice in any way, shape or form. Advice from this group should NEVER replace actual medical advice from a licensed provider. If you are experiencing a medical issue, please seek professional medical care. If you are experiencing a mental health crisis you must contact resources in your area, we cannot manage these situations within the group nor can we intervene.

• The Patient-to-Patient List: The doctors listed there have been added based on recommendations from members, and we cannot guarantee the skills or experience level of any doctor. If negative reviews are received, the doctor may be removed from our list. We will work to maintain a list that meets the standards of this privately managed group, and no other standards. The Nook will not mediate or intervene in private disagreements between members and their doctors.