(NEW)New Glasgow Swap/Sell/Giveaway

Canada, Nova Scotia (New Glasgow)people aren't in Nova Scotia won't get excepted in this group

Note: Any Double or Triple the Ads will be remove by a Admin now if the person still put ads that person will be removed from the group.

as of today please put your Photo's in a group folder make it easier for people to look throu them when they are looking

if people only to join this group your area has to be in Nova Scotia before except in this group if not you will not get in this group sorry.

Bumping an Item will be made only once-a-day 24-Hours if a admin see a person bump under the 24 hour mark it will be remove

Starting today: if people do not remove there stuff that is sold or done events or yard-sales if the admin remove it and 1 warning will be giving

NOTE: any Business in the UK and USA any of not part of Canada will be ask to remove 2 times nicely after that the admin will banned that person

If your name is Black in the About will be banned from this group count of spam going around in other Groups if you don't want to be remove change your settings...

People will only have 3 warning after that you will be Banned from this group by one of the Admin's

This group will not except Spam in this group and people put spam will be banned without a warning