The Rapture will take place any time from now. Everything hindering the rapture has been removed. The Gospel has been preached everywhere, all the prophecies have been fulfilled. The devil is working very hard to occupy christians with the things of this world so that the day will catch dem unaware. Please be prepared, there is no more time. Use every medium as advantage to promote the gospel. send this message to all your friends, love ones, neighbours and acquaintances...please do not ignore it. If the trumpet sounds today where will you be? If you die without Christ you will regret it. Jesus is coming soon repent from your sin now! Rev 22:12 pass this message to at least 10 people now. Use your whatsapp, twitter, bbm, eskimi, sms etc to preach the gospel & win souls for Christ. Remember if you ignore, it may stand against you. Have a ly week ahead of u