Garage Sale Town & Country Hillsborough County

This is now a open group

It is an 'Online for sale page' where we can buy or sell items something like craigslist since we can add people we know. Friends can add any/all of their nice/local friends. PLEASE feel free to add friends or remove yourself if someone puts you in & you aren't interested. The more people- the more items & buyers.

When creating an Album: Name the Album (Your Name/Location Size, Price, Condition ie: Boys Winter Clothes Size 6-8, Toys, housewares etc.) This goes IN the Description Box that says "Say something about this photo" BEFORE posting the Album. NOT in the Comment Fields afterwards.

Use the EDIT button on your photo to adjust or add your additional comments after you have posted your photo This eliminates over BUMPING...

IF you have more than 1 article/item in a Picture and want to be clear on what is available - ALSO use the EDIT Function on the actual Picture. This will also limit over BUMPING

PLEASE remove sold items.

If you have a business, you are welcome to post something weekly, but this is not really a place to advertise/promote business

If you have your FB settings locked down so only friends can contact you. PLEASE add either your email or cell or a way to contact you IN the box labeled "Say something about this photo" BEFORE you post the album (or u can Change your Settings)

You CAN use an Existing Album to import/upload to.

Be honest about condition & try to use your pic vs. a 'stock' picture so people know what they are getting. If pieces are missing, mention it BEFORE drop off or pick-up.

IF you are going to be reducing prices - use the EDIT function & then under the entire Album Comment "Reduced Prices"

You can "BUMP" (Bring Up My Post) 2 albums (or 2 mobile uploads) to the top of the list Once every Week. If you have bumped a few x's consider lowering the price. If you have an album, JUST bump the album vs each picture (or you fill the page & they will be deleted).

We are all adults in this group, so please treat others as you would like to be treated. Pick up what you want (they likely want it gone :). This is a drama free site- anyone creating drama will be removed.

THE ADMINISTRATORS ARE INVOLVED IN YOUR TRANSACTIONS,BUT do not handle payments, guarantee transactions, provide escrow services, or offer "buyer protection" or "seller certification

There is now a pg in the Docs link w/ common abbreviations used in For Sale sites.

There is also an ISO (In Search Of) document you can add to if you are looking for specific items.