Houston Sell My Stuff

Sell whatever you want, if it's fake stuff please specify that i...t is, don't try to rip people off, if you're selling stolen stuff and you get caught it's not our responsibility what might come from it, buy/sell at your own risk!!

⭕Please specify your price and side of town on your post description (i.e. pasadena, north side, woodlands, katy, etc.) If your post doesn't contain this information it might be deleted without warning
⭕If you're selling a car please specify price, year, miles, and title status on the description.
⭕ If you want to sell weapons all we ask is that you please have some common sense and don't sell to someone who shouldn't own one, like underage or criminals, do this at your own risk, we cannot be held liable for the results of a sale from this group.