English as a Second Language

Welcome to one of the largest English groups on Facebook.
This is an online class.
A place to learn American English together
I created this group in 2012 when I decided to stop teaching and take care of my mom who was diagnosed with Alzheimer disease. I had no idea we would become so large in such a short time.
I love teaching people from all over the world but I am kind of a strict teacher and have low tolerance for nonsense and disrespect so please read the rules.
Group Rules:
~ English only post
~ English only comments
~ No advertising for money
~ No pictures
~ No advertising for other groups
~ No quotes
~ No hate or violent post
~ No religious post
~ No political post
~ No sexual post
~ No bad language
~ Lets respect each others cultures and enjoy our differences.
~ We are here for learning purposes only. We e are not a dating group. If you find someone you would like to know please chat outside of the group.
~ If someone is disrespecting you in anyway please contact me or one of the admins.
~ Anyone who does not follow the rules will be deleted and or banned
Thank you :)
* A little about Nora Patricia Goodman, the founder of English as a Second Language:
I was born in Portland Oregon USA.
Studied English as a Second Language, Early Childhood Education, Journalism, Counseling, Psychology and Behavior Management.
I have been a teacher for 20 years.
I have certificates in counseling and I have been the director of a few schools.
I am a human rights activist
I am also a published writer of many news articles and a few books.
I can speak some Arabic
I have traveled many places in the world, such as Canada, Morocco, Jordan, Mexico, Paris, England, Palestine and Israel.