Barrow's Search for Homes.

Im back! Hope all is going good for you all. Today my auntie Maggie Ahkivgak decided we would be taking a drive around town, to search for potential homes. What i realized during this drive is that there are plenty of huge buildings/apartments that can be transformed into a living environment for the big organizations such as BASC, NSBSD, BAKERS, etc. theres AT LEAST 3 massive buildings that can be turned into approximately 5-6 livable apartments.
The big organizations that take most rented houses out here, should be moved to one big building- rather than having 10-30+ houses for their workers!- *i think. I also recognized more houses not being occupied. But sitting there in an uncomfortable argument. And or is not being announced as available. Im sure im not the only one whos realized all the available living environments.
Tomorrow, i will try and remember to bring a note pad and paper to write down all the houses i see that can be of any use, including the owners name, and the house number. I know gas prices are increasing as we breath, so when you take a drive to the store, keep your eye open and see if you can spot at least one or two houses that can be transformed. Thanks again in advance for participating. And sorry for the delay.