Grooming and Growth

Do you want to develop your personality? Do you wish to have great communication skills? Do you wish to be a better performer as a person as well as a professional? Well, all of us want these things. Then, let's achieve these by learning together... Hello everybody, I am Paminderjit Sunner. I am a gold medallist PGDM/MBA from TAPMI along with distinction from a foreign university. Post my corporate stint with Infosys (Bangalore) in HR area, I returned to north India to pursue my passion in training and development. Currently, I am working as a Personality Development trainer with a firm in Mohali. As I pursue my interest in the field of personality development/soft skills training as a trainer; this group would serve as a platform for the attendees of my programs and other people striving for self development to share their problems/suggestions and learn from each other. This group should become a platform to help all the members in their continuous self development. Feel free to add like minded people. Happy learning! smile emoticon