Honestly how can insurance companies continue to be so deceptive to so many people for so long. I thougt after the last flood where they Told people they were not covered because there had not be a flood like 2011 Since NOAHS ARK . One man was interviewed on channel 24 and he has been continusly told for the last two years that he has flood cover on his motel he and his wife have had for 50 Years to be told now by his broker that Aliance Will no longer cover him. Funny they took thier money for two years. The insurance companies had massive profits that amounted to billions last year. Should they be so worried about share holders or the people who they take the money to protect. Share holders take risks with thier money by investing in insurance. And they should get profits after the policy holders are payed what is owed to them, Australians we need to get behind these people and make insurance companies more accountable. Come on FACEBOOK FRIENDS Lets stir them up seeing the Government cant Change the laws to protect us . We never know when it will be us this is done to .