Dawson County New and Used

This page is simply for a group of community members to post about items they personally have for sale. It is also a great place to ask for items you are in need of. This is an easy means of communication, no money is transacted here and I/we (the group) am not responsible for the accuracy or condition of the items listed and posted to the site. I the creator of the group assume NO responsibility for any of the items listed. I also assume no responsibility to what happens once an item is bought, sold, traded, or given away. Please keep all other post about everyday living on your personal FB page! Thanks If you have questions please message me.

Once you’ve bought an item or your item is sold please work out the details with the person you bought it from either by personal message or phone.
Also, please remember to delete your item after it has left your possession as this makes the site a little more user friendly.
Please keep all disagreements about an item to messaging and or phone. Everyone has the right to ask what they want for their item. If the price isn't what you like, then discuss it with the seller in person. Discussion about the items offered on the wall is fine. I don’t feel the wall is the place for drama. This is meant to be a great happy fun way for selling, buying, trading or giving items way. I ask that all are in cooperation with this. Thank you.