Townsville Fitness Community

This page is dedicated to bringing together the Townsville community. If you are hosting or know of an upcoming event that the people of Townsville should know about, inform us and we will distribute this information.

As a health enthusiast this town is buzzing with workshops, seminars, cooking classes, fun runs etc but somewhere along the line there seems to be a breakdown in communication between the event coordinators and the public... we aim to be that missing link.

Just to be clear this page is not a vehicle for trainers to advertise their rates etc, it is for events and the distribution of information.

What we hope to see shared here:
1) upcoming fitness education
2) upcoming fitness based challenges
3) websites that provide useful information
4) INTERACTION between members

this forum is a positive, empowering and supportive space. Participants are encouraged to post questions, leave feedback from classes, progress photos, inspirational quotes, youtube videos and recipes.

Criticism, bullying, marginalisation, discrimination, racism or abusive language directed at fellow members will not be tolerated and may result in you being removed from the forum.

Otherwise enjoy the forum and post away!!