Ramblers Softball Club - Melbourne, Australia


Bundoora to Knox, Dandenong too
Keilor Park and Werribee to name just a few,

A Korero started it - they had the love of the game,
it wasn't for money and it wasn't for fame.

It started out small, as all great things do
in Wellington, New Zealand with the "FELTEX Softball" crew,

It was the wahine, who nurtured the seed that allowed for the blossoming of the whole Ramblers creed

Where is the name from...I hear someone ask
It's from NZ, from back in the past

What of the colours what did they mean?
The colours came, from the old Feltex team.

It became a backbone for so many tiers
and that familiar elation as we meet through the years

So Haere mai whanau for that's what we are
as we share and remember the times from afar